Brain And Size Of Neurones: Human And Elephant Brain Side By Side


Brain And Size Of Neurones – Episode 2, Neuro Facts


Brain and size of neurones, did you know that your brain weighs about 1.5kg (about 3 sizes of satchet water)? However, the size of your brain doesn’t matter, as the content do. Learn more by watching this video as Dr. Thomas A. Tagoe explains brain and size of neurones – human and elephant brain side by side.



For the average person, your brain weighs about 1.5kg  that is about the same weight of 3 sachets of pure water.  Your brain is about 4 times smaller than the brain of an elephant but we all know who is smarter. When it comes to intelligence, the size of your brain does not matter so much, the advantage that we as humans have over everyone else is that we have more cells tightly packed together in our brain compared to other animals. Don’t forget to like, comment and share this video!


Bio of Dr. Thomas A. Tagoe:

Dr. Thomas A. Tagoe is a lecturer at the Physiology Department of the University of Ghana. His expertise covers various aspects of neuroscience, with a special interest in how the brain changes in response to experiences. Thomas holds a PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology from the University of Leicester and has multiple international publications to his name. He is also a science communicator with a passion to share science with others, this has led to features on CNN, BBC, JOY Prime and regular appearances on the StarrFM science-based show, The Horizon. Thomas also oversees operations at GhScientific, an organisation he co-founded to help others build capacity in science, technology, engineering and math through public engagement and outreach activities.

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