Well it just so happens that you have a GPS in your brain

Your Brain Has A GPS – Episode 4, Neuro Facts

Did you know you have a GPS in your brain? Wow! How does it feel to have an internal map in your head? Find out more as you watch how Dr. Thomas A. Tagoe explains how the GPS in your brain works!


Have you ever wondered how you are able to find your way around your house or city. Or how you know the route to work or church. Well it just so happens that you have a GPS in your brain, and I do not mean that figuratively.

A group of researchers found that a group of cells in your hippocampus where memory is formed, act as a GPS. This special group of cells are responsible for storing your location and direction of movement. When they looked for these cells in animals, they found that each of these cells turn on when the animal passes through a specific place in its environment, so they called them place cells.  Simple name really; This means, there is a group of cells that turn on when you exit your house and a different group when you take that first left at the junction. As you keep moving the groups keep changing and just like a GPS, you are able to tell exactly where you on your own internal map in your brain

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Bio of Dr. Thomas A. Tagoe

Dr. Thomas A. Tagoe is a lecturer at the Physiology Department of the University of Ghana. His expertise covers various aspects of neuroscience, with a special interest in how the brain changes in response to experiences. Thomas holds a PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology from the University of Leicester and has multiple international publications to his name. He is also a science communicator with a passion to share science with others, this has led to features on CNN, BBC, JOY Prime and regular appearances on the StarrFM science-based show, The Horizon. Thomas also oversees operations at GhScientific, an organisation he co-founded to help others build capacity in science, technology, engineering and math through public engagement and outreach activities. Like and follow Dr. Thomas A. Tagoe: on twitter @Tom_DAT and on Facebook tom.tagoe