Meet Mr. Emmanuel Agbenyefia, a teacher at Katamanso KKMA No. 1 JHS. Mr. Agbenyefia has been teaching for about twenty years and he currently teaches over three hundred students. He had his basic and training college education in the Northern Region of Ghana. While at the basic level of education, he had wanted to work in the health sector. However,  financial constraints and the 1994 conflict in the Northern Region made this impossible.

After his senior high education in the aftermath of the 1994 disturbances and conflict in the Northern Region, all schools were closed down. The christian mission schools employed people as contract teachers in order to reopen their schools. Mr. Agbenyefia worked with the missionaries as a contract teacher. At the end of the contract, he was appointed  pupil teacher with the Ghana Education Service (GES). This was in May 1999, and he continued teaching until 2005 when, as a result of the interest that he had gained in teaching, he decided to become a professional teacher.

In 2005, Mr. Agbenyefia gained admission into the Tamale College of Education and graduated in 2009 as a professional teacher. He taught in primary school for close to seven years before being transferred to another school.

By then, his passion for teaching had grown so much that he applied for and gained admission to the University of Cape Coast in 2011 to read the Bachelor of Science Program in Education. After graduating, he was transferred to a Junior High School to teach and later became the head teacher, a position he held for close to three years.

Mr. Agbenyefia entered the field of science because his teacher, in basic school, when  teaching digestion, mentioned that God had placed in every human being a milling machine to break food down into smaller particles. Even at that age, Mr. Agbenyefia wondered how this heavy milling machine could be sitting inside a human being. That curiosity stayed with him until in Junior High School he got to understand what his primary school teacher had meant. His curiosity to understand nature led him to read science in Senior High School.

Mr. Agbenyefia loves to teach science, especially when improvising in laboratories using any available materials, which makes teaching and learning very interesting and hands-on for both teachers and students. Mr. Agbenyefia finds this to be very inspiring because this form of practical work is student centered and that makes the student think critically, allowing them to  learn on their own using materials from their own environment. He also does everything in his power to make his students feel comfortable, so they can understand the concepts he teaches them with ease.

What keeps Mr. Agbenyefia motivated is that his former students show their appreciation when they move ahead successfully in their education and in society. Mr Agbenyefia intends to form a science club to train students to become great scientists in the future. According to Mr. Agbenyefia, most of his students have created wonderful projects including a model helicopter and many others. These projects are being kept for exhibition in the future.

Mr. Agbenyefia says that participating in the JUNEOS challenge has influenced his teaching in a positive manner. It has made him develop the habit of using local materials in the environment to teach practical lessons and it has also given his students the ability to take advantage of their environment in exploring any area of science. 

Article by Kofi Dzogbewu

Kofi Dzogbewu is a Ghanaian storyteller. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Language and Literature from the University of Ghana. He is an alumnus of the Mo Issa Writing Workshops.

You can find more of his work on his blog and find him on all social media platforms with the name ‘Kofi Dzogbewu’ (@fdzogbewu).

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  1. Tahiu Arimiyaw

    I say this without any regret that he (Mr Agbenyefia) is one of the best teachers I have met in my life, infact he is not just a teacher but also a charismatic leader who is capable of making impact on every society he leads, infact he has developed my former school Ngani Jhs and has changed a lot of students lives in Ngani who perhaps without his nurturing would have street children and wee smokers.May God bless you with the good work done and I wish to live by your examples as am currently also going teacher training to become a teacher like him.

    • Infact, Mr. Emmanuel Agbenyefia is an industrious teacher having worked with him for more than five years as a leader. He has transformed so many lives.

  2. Kafui Torvike

    Bravo, he is one the modern teachers Ghana needs. Looking forward to watch the video.

  3. Alhassan Beyom

    Mr. Agbenyefia is without doubt one of the selfless teachers I have encountered. Whilst at the helm of affairs at Gnani Primary and JHS, he brought so much innovation to the school the has made the school attractive to most actors in education delivery in the area including NGOs such as CCFC, Discovery Learning Alliance (DLA), USAID etc. He succeeded in lobbying for ICT support for his school making it an ICT hub in the area where access to these facilities is difficult. The sheer number of pupils (especially girls) who make it to second cycle s hools is proof of his contribution to the quality of education in the area. I recommend Mr. Agbenyefia for this Award.

  4. Nfoke Punignan Samuel

    With confidence I am saying Mr. Agbenyefia Emmanuel is a genius when it comes to teaching and learnership as a whole. So hardworking, intelligent, motivational, innovative etc. You are indeed a great gift onto humanity when it comes to education and leadership. We are so proud to say you as products in teaching fraternity. Great works done! Higher heights great legend

  5. Ahevi Horvey Vincent

    Mr Emmanuel is a very humble and good man I have ever met and he’s so amazing and don’t want let anyone down.

  6. Dogbe-Tomi Korean Etienne

    Congratulation this is the type of teachers Ghana want. We are waiting for the video.

  7. Collins

    Interesting , He is a great man. Mr Agbenyefia Emmanuel is a hard working man , even in his current station he tries so much”hard” to teach the pupils without the necessary facilities. I like him, He is a good science teacher.

  8. Elijah Sayibu

    Mr. Emmanuel is known to be an innovative teacher, hardworking and very passionate for his learners. I am holding calmly till the video is out.

  9. Ayine Josephine

    Mr. Emmanuel congratulation he is the type of modern teachers the nation needs. He is always serious with his work. Looking forward for the video.

  10. Elijah Sayibu

    Mr. Emmanuel is known to be innovative teacher, hardworking and very passionate about his learners. I will hold calmly till the video is out.

  11. Lansah Fuseini

    Mr Emma is a great professional teacher. He is innovative and very innovative in his field of work

  12. Alhassan Abdul-Razak

    Mr. Emmanuel is a very good teacher and leader as well. He always give us encouragement to work even when times are hard. I wish him well.

  13. Jonathan Kugblapae

    Mr. Emmanuel is my teacter at Katamansu J.H.S No 1 I really like how he teaches, he always encourage us to learn very hard and he made me understand the subject science .
    Congratulation sir, may God richly blessed you

  14. Mr. Emmanuel is a professional teacher who shall teach and supervise. He is always stressing on community outreach. I met him in Tamale where we were campaigning for Teacher rationalisation in 2015. He was very inspirational

  15. Mr. Emmanuel was my teacher, I enjoyed his teaching because he will take time to listen to everyone ‘s concerns and address them to the best of his ability. He encouraged us to pay attention to every teacher during lessons.

    • David Larbi

      Knowing him has encourage me to do more as a teacher. He Mr. Emmanuel Agbenyefia is such a highly resourced teacher who is willing to give his all for the work he has chosen.

  16. Abdulai Imran

    Mr Emmanuel is a hardworking, passionate and a true leader. He always try to bring out the best possible from both his staff and his students and that makes him one of a kind. Can’t wait to see his video. All the best BOSS.

  17. Very talented Master and almong all masters I met, I cannot forget him as my ever Best Master. The wonderful thing he did most for me is, during my junior High school I was being demoted twice in form one before moving into form (2), see in that form (2) I was again demoted till when Mr Emmanuel came and said they should moved me to form (3) but on probation, yes I agreed and continued with his advice till completion of Junior high school, And with this I was 6th person to passed my exam out of 29 candidates in final year. For his actions and guidance and tuition made me great today in life; building Engineer, Capenter, steel Bender, teacher and many more. My Good Mr Emmanuel God be with you

  18. Isaac Dongligee

    Emmanuel is by far one of the best teachers I have come in contact with. He loves his work and is always willing to improve. He is very committed and really understands his job.

  19. Mr. Emmanuel is an extra ordinary person who can work anywhere with any person. He was a colleague, a mentor and a leader who is always ready to learn from others too.

  20. He was a staff member, a mentor and a free but firm leader. I worked with him for about six years and I learned a lot from him. In fact he was innovative and creative.

  21. He is committed to providing help to the helpless. I worked with him on a committee for girls child education and teenage pregnancy in School. Through him a lot of the girls stayed in school and now in the various fields of work.


      He is one of the respected, innovative, and committed to his Job as a teacher. Good luck.

  22. Alhassan zakaria Mohammed

    He is indeed patient, innovative, creative, submissive and industrious as far as Educating, teaching and learning is concern

  23. Abigail Kwakye

    He’s a very dedicated and focused with his work. He makes learning of science easier and fascinating for his students. Keep soaring higher.

  24. Abigail Kwakye

    Very dedicated and focused with his work. He makes learning of science easier and fascinating for his students. Keep soaring higher.

  25. Nombuma Patience

    What else is left for me to say? He was my favorite teacher in school and if not because of him I wouldn’t have made it in science and because of his hardworking and dedication to the work made me who I am today. He is outstanding,eloquent,competent,above all inspiring and willingness to work for God and his country.

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