Meet GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: BISMARK APPERTEY, Dodowa #GH4STEM

For thirteen years, Mr Bismark Appertey has been a teacher and currently handles six hundred and thirty-nine students at Dodowa Presby Basic (B) school. As a child, his mother nicknamed him “Tetteh Fitter” because of his interest and passion for engineering that developed because he grew up living close to a fitting shop. He wanted to become an engineer when he grew up. However, the prime reason for his interest was that his father, who he looked up to, was also an engineer. 

After his secondary school education his mother asked him to go and learn ‘roadside electronics’ but he objected because he wanted to make a greater impact in the field.

At one point in his education Mr Appertey had also wanted to be a laboratory technician but fate had other plans for him. He decided to read science education instead because he felt science was a hands-on activity and practical. He graduated in 2004. In 2006, he was recruited into the Ghana Education Service and was first posted to Dodowa St. Agnes JHS where he taught for eleven years before he was transferred to another school in 2018. He later became the head teacher at Dodowa Newtown Basic ‘A’.

Mr Appertey is passionate about being a STEM educator. His inspiration is driven from the fact that he wants to mentor students who will come up with ideas and inventions that will develop the country. For this reason, he has developed quality methods in teaching his students for proper understanding and impact. Mr Appertey is also motivated by the joy it brings him in seeing his students comprehend and apply the concepts and principles he teaches them.

Mr Appertey believes that being a STEM educator benefits the country as a whole. He is convinced that the practical application of science will lead to more inventions and a boost in the production and manufacturing capacity of the country. This would in turn lead to conomic development. 

Mr Appertey joined the GAST and PEN organisations because as a science teacher, he needed to be part of a group where there was an exchange of ideas and the opportunity to  learn new methodology through other people’s presentations.

In participating in the JUNEOS challenge, Mr Appertey wants to make his teaching more practical than before. He has learned that his students better understand scientific concepts with practicals than theory. He is grateful to the JUNEOS challenge for bringing up a program to nurture the creativity of students in STEM.

Article by Kofi Dzogbewu

Kofi Dzogbewu is a Ghanaian storyteller. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Language and Literature from the University of Ghana. He is an alumnus of the Mo Issa Writing Workshops.

You can find more of his work on his blog and find him on all social media platforms with the name ‘Kofi Dzogbewu’ (@fdzogbewu).

14 comments on “Meet GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: BISMARK APPERTEY, Dodowa #GH4STEM

  1. Priscilla Atsugah

    Mr. Appertey is one of the greatest teachers I’ve even come across. His methodology in teaching has greatly influenced my life and that of other students he has mentored.

  2. Phidelia Yayra Maya

    Talking about Mr. Bismark, words can’t explain
    Great inspirer, he will go to every length just to make sure you do the right thing…
    He has made an impact in my life…
    I thank him soo much and will always do…

  3. Melody Adamah

    Mr Appertey is one of the great science teacher I have come across,his methodology in teaching has great impact on his students,I feel bless passing through his hands because his teaching has greatly influenced my life and that of other students he mentored.

  4. Ernest Tetteh

    This man is really a passionate teacher i have ever met in my life, he enjoys what he does. Every student like him because he loves teaching and they understand whatever he teaches them.

  5. Nelson Djangmah

    For Mr Appertey,He will make u learned
    As at now I have not forgotten the fifty elements since J.H.S, 7 years now (chronological).Infact his technics are very relevant,always practical
    I just like his methodologies. He deserves more.
    Am a product of ST Agnes R/C.


    He’s one of the passionate, patience and practical teachers I had ever met as student.

    He’s teaches with all his students in his interest. To make them understand every topic he teaches even if he has to go to the extreme.

    He was my science teacher way back in jhs, I vividly remember an instead he laid on the teachers desk just for us to get the practicality of what he’s teaching lol.
    I completed my jhs with science as one of my best grades.

    All thanks to Mr Bismark Appertey, may God take you to higher heights

  7. Perpetual

    He is a dedicated teacher who brightens every corner he finds himself. He makes an impact with learners as well as colleagues.

    • Patience 'Kikuuu'

      Sir Bismark is one dedicated man who knows what he is about and very good at what he does. One of the best team mate one could ever ask for.

  8. Yaw Atsugah

    We all in one way or the other look up to Sir. Bismark. Even though, we did have direct lessons with him, his presence in the school alone, created a lot of impact on the general student body. A great mentor indeed.

  9. David kwaku Tei

    That’s great innovation to better the understanding of science concept in our education. Your methodology has really brought impact in the life of students you thought . God bless you and empower you to do more.

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