Presenting GH4STEM 100 ChangeMaker: Ishmael Ofori Aboagye, The Firenze Foundation #GH4STEM

The Firenze Foundation is a global youth led catalyst organization for education aimed at improving rural education in in Africa and Refugee camps as well as raising awareness on social impact and STEM in Africa. The foundation wields a youth panel of 20+ country ambassadors across four different continents that continuously push the goal of changing the status quo of education across the African continent.

The Firenze foundation runs a number of programmes:

Project Boa Child is the Firenze Foundation’s flagship program. A model centred on the sustainability of education in rural communities and refugee camps across Africa by providing educational materials which helps foster STEM education. Along with the Firenze Libri & Comics, the Firenze Foundation is creating a paradigm shift of literacy and STEM education in rural Africa.

The CodEdge Program is a STEM initiative which is oriented towards embedding STEM education and skills within rural & urban children & teenagers across Africa. At the Firenze Foundation they know that by teaching the younger generation basic concepts in computer science and hardware programming they can help young people develop problem-solving skills.

The Firenze WoodBlog increases awareness amongst the youth of Africa about the relationship between STEM and social impact. The blog consists of interesting facts about education in rural communities and refugee camps across Africa. Through podcasts, interviews and blogs the Firenze woodblog curates a myriad of insightful stories spurring a paradigm shift towards social impact amongst the African & Global youth.

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