Presenting GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: ENOCH NII QUAYEFIO, (Denu- Volta Region) #GH4STEM

Mr. Enoch Nii Quayefio is a teacher at Footprint International School. His passion and love for teaching began when he was teaching Sunday school teacher earlier in his life. This was reinforced by his grandmother who advised him that while he was waiting for his WASSSCE results, he could turn to teaching pupils in order to become active and sharpen his mind. He took her advice and started teaching in a private school. As fortune would have it, when his results came, he got admission into Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. After graduating and completing his National Service, he was posted to a secondary school in the Northern Region where he continued exploring his passion to teach.

Even though Mr. Quayefio’s childhood dream was to become a pilot, he feels he has found his place in life as a teacher, and still sees himself in the education sector in the future. Interestingly, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, whom Enoch admires so much, was also a teacher at some point in his life. Perhaps, this has also added to the reasons why Enoch is so passionate about teaching.  

Mr. Enoch Nii Quayefio believes that including practical lessons in teaching is necessary if the students are to understand scientific concepts. This is a method that he uses in teaching STEM, and as expected, the parts that he likes best about teaching STEM are the experiments and practical demonstrations. For this reason, Mr. Quayefio is highly motivated by the joy he sees in his students upon their gaining knowledge and developing in their academic life. Mr. Quayefio has been teaching for about six years now and he has thirty-nine students. To him, being a STEM educator is very important in terms of bringing transformation to, and impacting the younger generation with positive knowledge for the future. 

Mr. Quayefio sees the JUNEOS Challenge as a platform for nurturing the skills of both students and teachers in STEM. He believes the challenge has influenced his teaching greatly. He now includes more practical work in his curriculum to teach his students. He says the JUNEOS Challenge is a good initiative that will help develop innovation in the country. 

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