There is more to a successful college experience than just good grades

WeGo Innovate presents “Knowing It” featuring Dr. Priscilla K. Mante, Neuropharmacologist & Lecturer at KNUST. Dr. Priscilla K. Mante shares her Ideas on how tertiary students can get the best out of campus life and why it’s important for students to build an environment in which they can thrive on campus, while supporting each other. Read below Dr. Priscilla K. Mante’s introduction on her campus culture feature.


There Is More to a Successful College Experience than Just Good Grades

As a member of faculty, each year I watch new students enter the university and many more leave. In between, I see many students struggle to adapt to both the social and learning environments. Having also experienced these struggles during my student years, I believe they can easily be turned into positive experiences with the right guidance. The right guidance will help students develop the right attitude, which will spark a chain reaction that will include an enjoyable experience in the university and a prosperous life after it.

It will also help change students’ perspectives on their circumstances and encourage optimism and positivity. Students will not only learn to overcome challenges but will expect and seek them out. It will help them acquire the necessary tools to build a strong and productive character. For students in new environments, it will help them get back control of their experience and confidence in their ability to persist despite the difficulties involved in pursuing a degree. In the end, I hope it helps them to not merely survive but master, thrive and above all enjoy the university experience. There is more to a successful college/university experience than just good grades.

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Bio of Dr. Priscilla K. Mante

Dr. Priscilla K. Mante is a Lecturer at the Department of Pharmacology, KNUST, Kumasi. She is a Researcher with expertise in Neuropharmacology and has several publications to her credit. She holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and B. Pharm from KNUST, Kumasi. She is a recipient of various research grants including the University of Michigan STEM Seed Grant, DANIDA/BSU and IBRO Grants. She is also a fellow of the University of Michigan African Presidential Scholars Program. Dr. Mante is an experienced Pharmacist and a founding member of the Ghana Young Academy and the Ghana Neuroscience Society. She is an advocate for women in STEM and mental health, and her career goal is to find a cure for epilepsy. For more information about Dr. Priscilla K. Mante’s work read her scholarly articles.

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