Across Africa, there are countless young people with the potential for greatness who just need the right platform to succeed. At WeGo Innovate, we aim to be that platform, watering the seeds of their imagination to grow their brilliant ideas. Our goal is to inspire and share knowledge, nurture ideas and help young Africans innovate projects that will drive the development of their localities.

WeGo Innovate Edutech platform collaborates with schools and other academic institutions to transform educational content into fun, interactive platforms and tools that inspire students and educators, regardless of their degree of access to resources. We believe that making learning engaging is an under-utilised approach in Sub-Saharan Africa. We focus on:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (GH4STEM: JUNEOS & SENEOS Challenge)
  • Functional literacy (‘Learn A Word Today,’ ‘Read to Comprehend project.’)
  •  Life Skills (‘Dinnim,’ a game of simulation about career and life choices.) 

As a media organization, we have the expertise to create just the right kind of high-quality visual content, aligning practical learning in Sub-Saharan Africa with global standards.

We seek out students with unique ideas from primary to tertiary levels and engage them through innovation workshops and mentorship programs, showcasing their talent online and on TV.  We also support those who are not enrolled in higher education with skill acquisition programs through our online platform.