With overall school enrolment on the rise in Sub-Saharan Africa, why is unemployment among graduates still so rampant? Among the many factors, one stands out: too many young people are being trained to become employees and not employers.

At WeGo Innovate, we water the seeds of imagination and creativity to help young people take their brilliant ideas and grow them into promising ventures. Our goal is to inspire and share knowledge, nurture and amplify ideas and help young Africans build sustainable businesses that help Africa rise.

We search for highly skilled students doing outstanding work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and guide them in order to keep their creative spark burning. We do this by engaging them in innovation workshops and mentorship programs, all the while moulding them to become leaders of the future.

WeGo Innovate nurtures young African students with unique ideas from the primary, secondary, and tertiary schools level and proudly showcases their talent to an African audience.

We also supports those who are not enrolled in higher education with specially designed skill acquisition programs in the areas of creative and design development.

Across Africa there are so many young people with great ideas on the cusp of greatness that just need the right platform and encouragement to help them succeed. At WeGo Innovate we aim to be that platform that gives every creative and talented youth the right tools and access to the right network to foster their success.