At WeGo Innovate, we are passionate about supporting socially innovative ideas that can help make the lives of others better.

As a result, we offer you the opportunity to pitch us your great ideas, and we will help connect you with the right programs, mentors, and platforms to take those ideas to the next level.

What ideas are you working on and you need the right platform, tools, and resources to take it to the next level? Simply pitch us the ideas, and let’s connect you to the right networks.

We also connect you to the right practical trainings, via internships and orientations in relevant organizations relating to your field of endeavour.

Ideas Becoming” is set to reward secondary students in Ghana and Nigeria with innovative ideas with an opportunity to intern in some of the world’s top organizations during the long vacation. The initiative was created to inspire students, while helping them to broaden the scope of their ideas and teaching them how to collaborate with colleagues to bring their ideas to fruition.

We believe that there are thousands, daresay millions, of young, creative, problem solvers brimming with ideas that can change the world. WeGo Innovate aims to showcase these brilliant young minds across Africa to a world of opportunities. Who knows how this feature could change the course of their lives and open doors they never thought possible? We are looking forward to working with your students and sharing their inspirational stories with Africa and the world.

How to Pitch us your Ideas?

You can pitch us your ideas by following the simple steps below:

  • Write a brief explanation of what your idea is and your vision for it, or
  • Send us a picture or short clip of an idea you are working on
  • All entries are reviewed by the panel
  • If your idea is clear enough, you get an instant entry into the Ideas Becoming competition
  • On becoming a winner, we instantly connect you to the right networks you need to help you develop those ideas into profitable ventures.

Are you ready? Send us an email via