Coming Soon: My Teacher Story – Celebrating the builders of our nation!

Teachers are an essential part of our nation and its development. This was one of the many things we have learned during this pandemic – the true value of the teacher. This is why we need to celebrate teachers for their selflessness, sacrifice and commitment.

WeGo Innovate presents “My Teacher Story” a blog series that honours teachers for their incredible contribution to our lives. Professionals and community leaders  will share their stories about teachers who made a remarkable impact in their lives. 

“My Teacher Story” will highlight individual characteristics of teachers in Ghana. Their dedication, support, and most importantly their contribution to making these professionals and leaders who they are today.

We will never forget the amazing teachers who were strict yet fun or disciplinarian yet so caring.There were those who made us cry for our own good.  Those teachers who became like parents to us. Those who taught us formulas, rules, stories, songs and life lessons that have stuck with us through the years. 

On “My Teacher Story”, we remember and appreciate the mark that our teachers left in our hearts.

These stories are filled with nostalgia and memories. My Teacher Story is an avenue for past students to reconnect with their teachers and appreciate them for the impact that they have had in their lives. Teachers will see the magnitude of their impact in the lives of so many successful people across Ghana and beyond.And how their words and actions made people who they are today.

Join us, on My Teacher Story, let’s appreciate our teachers whilst we reminisce about our school days.

Which teacher’s shoulders do you stand on today? What is your Teacher Story? Do you have a teacher who made a huge impact in your life? We would like to celebrate them. Reach out to us through Whatsapp 

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