What is better than having one favorite teacher? Two! I am Benjamin MacTee-Sowah. I am a  PYP (Primary Years Program) EdTech coach and also an ICT facilitator at Al-Rayan International School. Today, I give you a double dose of love and Light on “My Teacher Story” 

I remember my first day in Accra High School like it was yesterday. Most of the teachers were fascinated by my surname “Tee-Sowah”. My colleagues were more fascinated by my love for Harry Potter, which reflected in my choice of school bag, shoes, stationery, you name it. When they found out I was an IT whiz, the deal was sealed. It earned me the nickname Harry Potter.

One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Numekevor A.K.A “Applied” He was our Applied Electricity tutor and had a name that dispelled all fears. Studying Technical (which was a combination of Science courses and Technical Drawing) in Accra High meant you were  Mr. Numekevor’s child and no one could pick on you. It saved us from the wrath of so many of our student shenanigans, especially that one time when two friends and I in form one posed as third year students and ordered a bunch of 2nd year students to sweep our classroom. 

“Applied” had a very dynamic teaching style. One thing he always said was to never cut corners with investigations, especially with matters of electricity and life because you could easily get electrocuted. This made us very meticulous and super attentive in class, which wasn’t difficult because there was never a dull moment with him around. From his class, I developed the philosophy of thinking through all possible routes and outcomes before I embark on a journey or project.

 He always found a new approach to getting things done. He would link personal stories with whatever topic he was teaching. It made it easier to recollect topics using his stories as a reference. This made the course very practical for us. It unknowingly shaped the way I go about my teaching as well. That aspect of his teaching was much like that of my other favorite teacher; “Teacher Kofi”. 

Teacher Kofi made studying Physics a jolly ride. It was obvious he was passionate about his work. He would always “trace things back to the root and tackle it from there.” which I constantly apply in my life as well. “Do not panic”, was another of his famous quotes. He made us understand that panic only added to a problem hence he was always calm. I think this trait has rubbed off on me and my colleagues because a colleague of mine once suggested I hold a seminar on how not to panic in certain situations. 

I can never forget the day Teacher Kofi got a new mobile phone and my colleagues and I recommended he bought a “Sony Ericsson sim card”; which did not exist. He was completely sold, until we confessed. He was not mad at us but laughed at his own ignorance. The closest we ever got to getting him angry was when we were having “Gari soakings” in class and he walked in on us. “Call me when you are done” was all he said as he headed back to the staff room. We managed to catch up with him and apologized. He chuckled and returned to the classroom.

Mr. Numekevor sadly passed away years ago but I am glad my colleagues and I paid him a visit at the school just before he passed on. It’s unfortunate that he is not around to experience or see where most of us have gotten to. If I could see him right now, I would say “A big thank you Mr. Numekevor for all the support you gave us when we were in school. You didn’t see any of us as your students, but as your kids. At the time we may have been a little stubborn and headstrong, but now looking back we actually appreciate all that fatherly guidance and advice you gave us. It has helped to shape my colleagues and I into who we are today and we are really grateful for that.” 

To Teacher Kofi who I haven’t seen since 2005; “You are one teacher that was really inspirational to us when it came to application of step process in everything we do. You caused us to think through every action before we take it. You have been really wonderful. You never gave up on us. Whenever you came to the class and we misbehaved, you forgave us, taught us and then gave us a good blasting and pep talk we needed. All this has helped shape us. It  made me realize you can love someone and still get angry at them and correct them. We are really grateful!” 

Finally, although it is said that “A teacher’s reward is in heaven”, I hope in future parents would also show appreciation to the teachers for making a positive impact in the lives of their children, as I know the irreplaceable role these men played in my life. 

Benjamin completed Accra High School in 2005. Did you attend Accra High School too? Were you a student of Mr. Numekevor A.K.A ‘Applied’? What about Teacher Kofi? Share your experience about how they impacted your life in the comment section Also, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of Mr Numekevor and Teacher Kofi.

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