MY TEACHER STORY: An Unusual Story of My Favourite Teachers

This is going to be one of those unbelievable and unusual stories that happen once in a blue moon. We all know the heartache and uncertainty associated with moving from one school to another. It is not every day that you get to follow one of your favorite people to a new school and have your best friend follow. Well, it did happen. My name is Pierina Ladzekpo and this is “My Teacher Story.”

 Mrs. Comfort Antwi was my head teacher in Burma Camp basic school. She was the epitome of grace and poise. She stood for all I could become in the future and more and that excited me. It was no mean achievement to be one of the three girls to clean her office as grounds work. Well, being one of the best students who always swept most awards at PTA and speech and prize giving day had its perks. 

I remember her as a very firm and fair woman who was always attentive to the needs of her pupils. After every term, she used to call me to her office and say “Esinam, this is good but you can definitely do better”. Even though I was just in primary school then, she encouraged me to strive for better things. Another person who was constantly motivating me to do better was my Math teacher in junior high, Mr. Ansah. He made Mathematics  feasible because of his patience and tolerance 

I was anxious to be leaving Burma Camp basic school to a different junior high but I was excited to be reunited with Mrs Antwi. Not only did Mrs. Antwi transfer to Services Basic School as headteacher, another teacher, Mr Ansah joined too! That’s not all, my best friend joined the party after some time and my heart was full. 

Moving to a new school altered the tempo of my academic performance, as I was largely focused on fitting in rather than my academics. Mrs. Antwi noticed I was struggling and would call me to her office and have short conversations with me around my report card. By this, I could tell she paid ample attention to the signing of report cards of her pupils every term and noticed changes for the good or bad. I felt loved, appreciated and encouraged. Even though she never took me through a class, her words of wisdom passed down through our short conversations were enough to make my week positive and full of life, on a high. Because of this, I always tried to do my best.

Mr. Ansah a.k.a “Bra Ansah”was another driving force in steering me in the right direction. He was known as a stern and thorough teacher. Bra Ansah rarely sat in the staff office, he had a desk under the tree at the far end of the JHS block. Whenever he said “See me”, it would mean a one-one one session with him under the tree. He was happy when we did well and  so patient when it got frustrating.Once you availed yourself, he would sit you down and walk you through the processes.. It was in one of those sessions that he had the most patience to take me through an exam paper I did not do well in. His patience and willingness to go over every problem one by one was awe inspiring. Those little moments were always valuable to me.  

These two individuals are full proof that teachers should be authentic because students can tell the genuine interest and passion in the way you carry yourself as an educator. Also teachers should take holistic approaches to impacting their students with knowledge, not just classroom work. 

I think I have grown to mirror Mrs. Antwi’s very firm and fair nature. As a woman in education, I realize day-in, day-out that teachers have so much influence and transformation power over their student’s life and should use it positively. 

To Mr. Ansah: “I am so grateful for that day under the tree when you took me through all the parts I had wrong in that test. I appreciate the patience, love and care when you worked with me through those problems. I really appreciate you. I turned out well just fine which I know you’d be proud of me.”

To Mrs. Comfort Antwi: “I am so grateful for your love, discipline and guidance. You were a positive role model to me on what girls could be and achieve.  Through primary to JHS, you were amazing. I loved the opportunity to see you and be a part of your life the way I was. Thank you and I hope I made you proud”

We appreciate your efforts, dear teachers. Keep going the extra mile. 

Pierina Ladzekpo completed Services Junior High School in 2005.  Did you attend Services JHS too? Were you a student of MR Ansah? Was Mrs. Comfort Antwi also your head teacher? Share your experience about how they impacted your life in the comments section. 

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