“Mr. Addo Kantey, you have made more impact than you think. You might not remember this journey you took me through, but I, Alain Gbeasor, am here today to tell it all in “My Teacher Story”

Mr. Addo Kantey took interest in me from the first day I stepped into Belfort JHS, Nungua. It wasn’t an ideal first day in school for me because I had left all my friends at Datus School, Tema, where I had been all my life. I am pretty sure I was so visibly sad and lonely.  Mr Addo made it a point to make me feel at home in his Elective Math Class. I loved math and so it didn’t take too long for a bond to be established. 

Mr Addo Kantey was our Father figure in school. He did it all, from being a personal intermediary for students with school fees issues, mentoring each and everyone of us to reveal our hidden talent (mine were athletics and Table Tennis) and urging us on to become the best versions of ourselves. Even though my athletic career was short-lived, I went on to become the Senior Boys’ Prefect and the best at his course. 

Mr Addo Kantey’s positive influence was visible beyond school. He made sure to collaborate with parents when it was time for students to make choices of senior high schools and courses. I didn’t argue or protest when he said I looked like one of the “Brilla Science and Math Quiz” contestants from Presec Legon Senior High school-his alma mater. I just made sure to work hard and make it become a reality. All the students he advised towards school had their first choices, including me!

Fast forward to Presec Boys Senior High school, I worked towards my dream to join the ‘Brilla team.’Eventually, I was part of the team that was being prepared for the quiz. However I didn’t make it to the final team that represented the school. Though two of my classmates did. So I was still excited. 

My termly reports were posted to Mr Addo Kantey and he sent them to my parents. Because of this I made sure to get the best grades to make him and my parents proud. 

Losing my Mom by the second year in school shook me to the core but Mr Addo Kantey was always there to comfort and restore the lost hope. He was always there for me.

Last year, I reunited with Mr Addo Kantey at an old school reunion at Presec Legon, now OUR alma mater. You can imagine the nostalgia and wave of emotions that swept through me! From teacher, to friend, to “fellow Presecan”, it was a full circle moment!

Today I am a biochemist and a Technological and Industrial Production Entrepreneur. I learnt to be humble, hardworking and passionate about my work from him. I think if more teachers would be better involved in the general welfare and school selecting process for their students, there will be no limits to what students can achieve. My colleagues and I are living testimonies of this truth. 

 I am thankful for this medium through which I can celebrate Mr Addo Kantey. I hope this article inspires someone out there to pick up the phone and reach out to that one or more  teachers that made an impact in their lives. Let’s celebrate them now! Mr Addo Kantey, if you’re reading this I would like to say, “I’m grateful! Just keep doing the best that you can. All those you imparted are really grateful and we are thankful for your life.”

Alain completed Belfort Junior High School in Nungua, Accra in 1997. Did you attend Belfort Junior High School too? Were you a student of Mr Addo Kantey? Share your experience about how he impacted your life in the comment section.

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