Since my plan to attend a popular boys school in Cape Coast did not see fruition, I embraced being a day student at Osei Kyeretwie Senior High. I wrote and passed the test that determined entry into the Visual Art class and thus began my journey. It was on this journey that I met Mr. Aka Adjei Junior and gained a father for life. My name is Michael Osei Boakye and this is “My Teacher Story”.

Friends really made my stay in school memorable. For instance, I remember when I started schooling, I wasn’t the most fluent in English Language at the time. I am thankful for friends of mine like Patrick and Ernest Agyeman who I understudied, as they were more fluent in the language. I also remember when my friends Victor Nimo Boateng and Samuel Kyei would pick our canvases after school and paint live portraits and scenes in town, I really enjoyed those moments. 

Mr. Aka Adjei Junior was another friend who made school memorable. Although he was a housemaster and taught us General knowledge in Art, Painting and picture making, he was first a friend to everyone. He was someone we could easily talk to and share our grievances with. His first few minutes in class with us were used to share life experiences and advise us, usually to abstain from boy-girl relationships as we had not reached the stage for that.

I also remember in the late 90’s, when rap had become all the rage and I also got caught in that wave of ‘want-to-be’ rappers. Mr. Aka Adjei called me and my colleagues and advised us to concentrate on our studies and keep all other things secondary. We heeded and even set a record, which is yet to be broken in the school till date, as 39 out of 42 of us got A in his subject.

He was always assigning roles in class. He allowed everyone to speak in class, introverts and extroverts alike. Everyone and the chance to speak. If you’re having difficulty, he would hold your hand and direct you to draw, he was very patient with us. He always also made us share our experiences prior to his coming to class which prepared the “land” of our minds for learning.

 On a lighter note, he was always using big words that were new to us. He was also very fond of using proverbs, especially Chinua Achebe’s proverbs. His favourite was from “Things fall apart” By Eneke the bird: “Men have learned to shoot without missing their mark and I have learned to fly without perching on a twig” Most of his advice and wise counsel makes sense now that we are older and now as a teacher at Yaa Asantewaa Girls, I learnt that you can only correct people once you are connected to them. I can say he has a great influence on my teaching style.

I am very much in touch with Mr. Aka Adjei. He still resides in Kumasi at the moment where he teaches at a private school. Interestingly, I teach the subject he taught me so we exchange ideas on a regular basis.I tap into the wealth of knowledge he has and I lend a few tips on how to research electronically.

“Thank you Mr. Aka Adjei Junior for how you impacted my life. From day one in school, till now still with me as a father, I am very grateful you helped me know obedience came with a lot of blessings. Also, thank you to your wife; Maa Monica who was always so warm and like a mother to us. May God grant you strength for the rest of your days on earth.”

I have always looked for such an opportunity to thank our teachers and would love to commend “We Go Innovate” for this platform and hope that one day someone will also share my story. 

Mr. Michael Osei Boakye completed Osei Kyeretwie Senior High in 1999.  Did you attend Osei Kyeretwie Senior High too? Were you a student of Aka Adjei Junior? Share your experience about how he impacted your life in the comments section. 

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