My name is Robert Tagoe, a project manager and this is “My Teacher Story”.  I attended Garrison Basic School, Burma camp (formerly Garrison Primary and JSS), from 1995 to 1997. It wasn’t a military school but it’s location on military premises had a role to play. It was marked by strict school authorities and teachers that did not hesitate to discipline .

My friends called me Flamingo, not after the book, but after the animal because I was averagely tall.  I was an avid reader  in Junior High school. I loved to read comic books,  Mills and Boon and books by Enid Blyton. I read every time, even during class sessions. Many of my teachers seized my books whenever they  saw me engrossed. I must confess, I read novels during class hours when I was bored and probably already knew what the teachers were saying because I always read ahead..  However, I never read novels during Mr Annan’s lessons.

Mr. Anthony Annan was my favorite teacher. He was very young and related to us so well like a big brother. I was so close to him but sometimes I would still receive some lashes.  He was also very practical. I used to share anything and everything with him. Whenever there was an issue, I knew who to go to. If it wasn’t Mr Annan, who else would it be?

He always made the subject engaging and made me love Math. I don’t remember liking math so much before meeting him. His creativity in Math was top notch. For instance, I remember our Pythagoras theorem lesson. It was just before Christmas vacation. Mr Annan gave us an assignment to create a board game out of Pythagoras theorem while on vacation. I was so excited! I rushed home and wrote a list to get supplies for my project; cardboard, markers and whatnot. It made us all think outside the box. He actually cared about his students understanding his courses. He broke down his lessons to the minutest form that was easily comprehensible by even a toddler.

He was very motivational and a good mentor. It made me strive for excellence on every level.  Years later, I had grade “A” in both E-math and Core Math in Presbyterian Boys Secondary School, Legon. That excellent spirit has followed me all my life and I owe it to him.

“Mr Annan, thank you very much for the way you made your lessons very relatable and very understandable. It allowed me not just to have an interest in math, but even apply it to how I teach. So, I think the way I teach now, the way I interact with young people, trying to get them to  understand concepts in life, I have you to thank for that. Thank you. Wherever you are now, know that you have had this kind of impact on one of your own.”

Robert completed Garrison BasicSchool (Burma camp) in 1997. Did you attend Garrison (Burma camp) too? Were you a student of Mr Anthony Annan? Share your experience about how he impacted your life in the comment section.

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