There have been a number of teachers that have made a mark in my life, but some marks are truly indelible. Mr William Addison a.k.a “Marafaka” is that teacher for me. My name is Daniel Nii Armah Tawiah and this is “My Teacher Story”.

I was in the Visual Arts class of Presbyterian Boys Secondary school, Legon, from 2002 to 2005.  Although Mr. Addison was our Textile supervisor and taught us shirt printing, dyeing and other ink related procedures, that’s not the kind of indelible mark I am talking about.

 He was the epitome of patience and humility. The way he could make ample time for each of his 11 students was truly remarkable. He always apportioned time after every lesson to share some nuggets of wisdom and life in general, the stuff they don’t typically teach you at school. Ironically, I learnt them at school from Mr Addison. He even extended such grace to students who were not in his special area of study. He would let them stay in his class and answer all their questions like they were one of his students. 

Mr Addison’s words always did the magic. His words also taught me not to be offended when my colleagues would tease me that I wasn’t ustilisising my height well because my best friend, Roland, was a Basketball champ. I knew it was on the lighter side.

 He had a workshop near campus that was always open to all who wanted to visit. Anytime he got printing gigs, he alerted all of us and those interested could visit. I had a special bond with Mr Addison. I made sure to never miss any of his sessions because it was always an opportunity to learn something new in and out of the classroom. 

 One day, I had the rare opportunity to visit his home. I marveled at how the same character I knew from the classroom was the same one at home. There were no double standards with him. He was truly a man of his word. It made me aspire to also be a genuine person and I believe everyone, including teachers of today can learn from that. 

He always used to say, “Make sure you have your own breakthrough and from them on, you will glide”. As an entrepreneur and Production Manager in Apparel design and Print, I have come to realize that a breakthrough is not only career wise or monetary, but internal. You have to break through the walls of self doubt and other internal conflicts on a daily basis as you work in a competitive environment and strive to make a living. Being genuine is the best gift you can give yourself as you discover who you truly are and what your calling is meant to be and you will surely glide. 

Our bond waxed stronger even after school. Whenever I got shirt printing contracts, I always sent them to Mr. Addison and he also did the same.

From me to Mr Addison, I say “I am very grateful for the time we shared in school. Things you did for me and probably thought were small; the time and effort and the space you provided for me to interact with you, I really appreciate it. When I look back at how you interacted with me, my colleagues and your children, it made me realize you are a genuine person and it taught me to be the same and I really appreciate it. I see the value of being a genuine person, and it has brought me this far”

 Daniel completed Presbyterian Boys Secondary school, Legon, Accra in 2005. Did you attend Presbyterian Boys Secondary school, Legon,  too? Were you a student of Mr William Addison? Share your experience about how he impacted your life in the comment section.

Also, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of Mr William Addison a.k.a “Marafaka”. Do you have a teacher who motivated you and impacted your life in a way that made you who you are today?

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