My Teacher Story – The Teacher Who Changed My Name and Changed My Life

My name is Catherine Kuupol Kuutor. I am the first female Head of the Metallurgical Department at Goldfields Mines West Africa. I am going to tell you about the teacher who prophesied my success to me. A teacher who changed my name and changed my life. This is my ‘Teacher Story.’

Mr.Adomako was my teacher in class 2 at Wenchi Model School. He was a gentleman. Oftentimes, he would gather us under the mango tree in the compound where we would tell stories, or he would get to know us better. He had a unique approach to teaching. His lessons were extremely practical and easy to understand. He encouraged us to learn constantly, to be hungry for knowledge. Mr. Adomako explained that it was the only way that we would be successful. Even in the times where he would punish us, he would ask us to decide the punishment we wanted. He respected our opinions even though we were kids.

Most people don’t know but my name was Catherina and not Catherine as they know now. Mr. Adomako saw something in me all those years ago. Out of the blue, he told me that he was changing the ‘a’ at the end of my name Catherina to ‘e’ making it Catherine. Why did he change my name? Mr. Adomako said the name which he had bestowed upon me ‘Catherine’ was the name of a successful woman. And by all indications I, Catherine, was going to be successful. I asked him how it would be pronounced, and he taught me and I repeated it to myself. From then on, my name became Catherine. 

The truth is my family was poor. My mother sometimes had to sell or sometimes request for support to feed us, me and my six other siblings. Others would have thought it would be impossible but as young as I was, I believed this prophecy that Mr. Adomako, my teacher had proclaimed. 

After leaving Mr. Adomako’s class his prophecy stayed with me I, Catherine Kuupol was going to succeed. Thus, in everything I did, I did it to the best of my ability. And I remained honest with myself in all things I did. I remember in university I was offered Physics. I was honest to myself because I knew that it wasn’t something that I wanted. So rather than just accept and live with regret I changed to study Mineral Engineering at the School of Mines especially since it involved Mathematics and Chemistry, my favorite subjects. It was the best decision I ever made. This honesty that I taught myself has helped me through life. From my time at OLA Girls’ Kenyasi to completing my Master’s degree and now being a PhD Candidate. 

Today Mr.Adomako’s prophecy he made all those years ago has come true. I am a successful woman. I am the first female Head of Metallurgical Department in the whole of Gold Fields West Africa and the only female manager in the Damang Mine. I am not the only one. All my classmates are doing well too; Accountants, engineers, military personnel and so on. 

If I meet Mr. Adomako today I will give him a big hug. “Mr. Adomako, you gave me a positive mindset about myself. You prophesied to me that I was going to be a successful woman. I accepted it. That acceptance made it easy for me to achieve it. You changed my life and made me who I am today. It is a great honour to have been your student.” 

Catherine is an old student of Wenchi Model Schools, a member of the 1987 graduating class. Did you attend Wenchi Model Schools too? Was Mr. Adomako your teacher? Share your experience about how he impacted your life in the comment section.

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