Quote Of The Week – Adebola Williams

They cannot fathom the depth of your thinking; The width of your imagination; The audacity of your aspirations. So they call you mad. Just like Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Alcorn George Edward Jnr, even Oprah and Mandela. Well, you are in good company of madness.


Adebola Williams, Media Entreprenuer, Nation Builder, Pan-Africanist”


Adebola Williams is the chief executive officer of StateCraft Inc. the communications agency widely known for helping three African Presidents get elected, with its big, audacious goal of creating large-scale social change. This mission has led him and his company from building hugely popular media platforms in Nigeria to a specialization in governance communication across the continent. He has attributed this stroke of success to an employment of on-the-street activism – from #EnoughisEnough to #OccupyNigeria to #BringBackOurGirls – which connects to popular anger and aspiration.

Adebola is also the co-founder of RED; the 11-year old parent company that houses StateCraft Inc. and encompasses a network of three other media houses focused on the African youth. These include Red Media Africa – a Public Relations company working in West Africa for Facebook, Generation Y! – a TV and online content company with one of Nigeria’s most popular online newspaper and The Future Project – a social enterprise that hosts Africa’s biggest youth social event: The Future Awards Africa.

From a fleeting film career, Adebola had parleyed into the media over a decade ago, working with Nigeria’s National Television Authority and Nigeria International, a syndicated TV show in three continents. Adebola Williams has continually set new standards in his operations with the NTA network and Nigeria International. He is currently the Operations Director of Easily; the voice of RedSTART, and has left his employment at Nigeria International to concentrate full time on this. He has described his experience in the media and show business as fitting into the theme of his life’s work which involves using the media to galvanize Africans in solving their own problems.

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