Oscar Akwasi Akamba has always been good at Mathematics, and he had wanted to pursue a career that would have him working at the World Bank. At university, Akwasi studied Psychology and Adult Education, and when he completed, he went to do his national service. He worked as a literacy facilitator during this period, assisting adults to learn how to read and write. This generated an interest in him to teach, and later on ignited his love for teaching. So after national service he ventured into teaching young people. He applied when the opportunity came and was posted to Komfueko DA Junior High school.

After three years of teaching, Akwasi believes that science is meant to solve human problems. “If a lot of people consider science to be a problem solving mechanism, and not to seek money, a lot of the country’s problems will be solved.”

As an educator he is always inspired when he learns new things from his students. He recalls that at one point, his students explained to him some scientific facts about candles which he hadn’t known before.

Mr. Akamba loves the practical nature of STEM which ensures that lessons don’t only involve the theoretical but includes practical demonstrations. He currently teaches about one hundred students in all, and he is much in love with their  inquisitiveness. He says that students who always want to know new things keep him motivated in his profession. Akwasi believes that as a STEM educator one needs to think differently and always practice in order to enhance his or her skill. 

When he was informed of the JUNEOS Challenge, he discussed it with his students. They were happy to be a part of it and after deliberations, they settled on using candles to demonstrate atmospheric pressure. Akwasi quickly acquired the materials with the assistance of his headmaster. 

Participating in the challenge has influenced his teaching, so that now, when he is teaching, he makes sure to include practical examples and demonstrations in his lessons. Akwasi is grateful to the JUNEOS team and is sure that his students will have more great ideas to display. “The JUNEOS Challenge is an amazing project”, he says.

Oscar Akamba reads books to enhance his knowledge in STEM. For music, he loves listening to Michael Jackson, and as an extracurricular activity, he hopes to go into farming.

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Article by Kofi Konadu Berko.

Kofi Konadu Berko is passionate about education and youth development. He holds a B.A in Adult Education and Human Resource Studies from the University Of Ghana. His works have been  published in the historic Afroyoung Adult anthology titled Waterbirds On the Lakeshore, Adabraka: Stories From the Center Of the World, Tampered Press and the Kalahari Review. He blogs at