International Day of Women and Girls, 2021

WeGo Innovate celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science! This special day aims to highlight the role of women and girls in science. This year the day’s theme is profound – ‘Women Scientists at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19’.

While the pandemic has not been easy to power across the globe, there have been breakthroughs and positive changes through the hard work and dedication of researchers, frontline workers and scientists all over the world. Countless women are making history and saving lives through Science. 

At WeGo Innovate, we seek to support young girls that have a passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Particularly, we want to see more and more girls entering STEM fields in sub-Saharan Africa. For this reason, our programs at WeGo Innovate encourage participation from girls. For our JUNEOS Challenge, 60% of student participants were girls and our women teachers are encouraged to be STEM ambassadors inside and outside of the classroom. Watch our girls here!

It is our hope that we see more women take up the reins of science to establish groundbreaking research, innovations and solutions. 

Happy International Day of Women and Girls!!!