Our word of the week is hostile/ˈhɒstʌɪl/. It is pronounced hos+tile and you guessed right it is an adjective. What does the word mean? When someone is hostile it means he or she is unfriendly, shows dislike or is against something.

The earliest record of its use is from the 1500s. The word has origins from the Middle French word hostilite and Latin words hostililtatem/hostilatas/hostilitis and hostis which means enemy, stranger or foreigner.

 So anyone who shows you through their actions or their words that they don’t like you by being rude or making you feel unwelcome, we can say that they are hostile or are being hostile to you. This is how you can used it in a sentence;

1. The headmistress has a very hostile attitude towards me

2. Kwaku was very hostile to my idea of going to a nightclub

3. The soldiers became very careful when they entered hostile territory will be waiting to hear how you used this word within the week. A quick assignment too. Find out the meaning of a hostile takeover. Tell me about that too. I will be waiting for your replies in the comment section. All the best!