Our word of the week is pandemic /panˈdɛmɪk/.It’s both a noun and adjective. Its pronounced pan+de+mic. I am sure during this time of the covid-19 outbreak you have heard the word a lot of time. A pandemic refers to the outbreak of a disease all over the world. So the coronavirus pandemic means it’s a disease that has infected people all over the world.

Here is a little history, Pandemic derived from the Greek word ‘pan‘ which means ‘all’ and ‘demos‘ which mean ‘common people’. Thus all people. So any disease that affects ‘all people’ in other words a large group of people, is referred to as a pandemic. How do we use this word in a sentence?

1. In order to protect ourselves during the covid-19 pandemic we need to wash our hands regularly and wear masks too.

2. My grandfather lived through the Cholera pandemic in 1918.

In order to protect ourselves we need to keep washing our hands, wearing masks, social distancing and isolating when we get sick too. I hope you are taking these measures seriously.

I have a little assignment for you this week. Find out the difference between a pandemic, an endemic and an epidemic. Keep wearing your masks and do some social distancing. I will wait for your responses in the comment section!