It’s been a long break for students across the length and breadth of Ghana and now it’s time to kickstart the school year. We’re sure a lot of students hold some mixed feelings – they are both elated to go back and a tad bit sad they can’t stay home no longer – and we completely understand!  

On Sunday 3rd January, President Nana Akufo-Addo announced that students from Kindergarten to Junior High School will be returning to their classrooms safely on January 15. Also, second and third year secondary school students will be returning to school on January 18 and university students resumed on the 9th of January. Everything is back in full swing – at least to some extent. 

For us at WeGo Innovate, we are excited at this news. Last year, 2020 was a whirlwind, but 2021 means we get a whole year to do what we love to do! This year we vow to do more to support education in diverse ways as we create more programs and engage with students and teachers everywhere.  Stick and Stay with us on this year’s ride!!

PS: As the young ones go back to school, let’s help by following COVID-19 protocols as much as possible. Wear a mask at all times and continue to practice social distancing.