“Those who would judge us merely by the heights we have achieved would do well to remember the depths from which we started.” — Kwame Nkrumah

At the beginning of this year, WeGo Innovate and our project partners embarked on an exciting journey to bring you the JUNEOS Challenge, an experiment-based national Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competition designed to get teachers and students thinking differently about how to teach and learn STEM. The Challenge aims to inspire critical thinking, creativity and innovation in ways that students can apply throughout their lives. 

The JUNEOS Challenge crew filmed students and teachers from 100 schools across all regions of Ghana, conducting practical STEM experiments, with girls making up 65% of student experimenters. JUNEOS will soon be on television in Ghana as well as online, for the world to see the great things happening in Ghanaian classrooms, thanks to the creativity of dedicated Ghanaian teachers.

At the heart of JUNEOS are these teachers, who, against all odds, overcome resource challenges and create powerful learning environments, finding ways to make STEM lessons fun including using familiar, everyday materials as teaching aids even in fairly complex scientific experiments. In this way, they transition their students from rote-learning of abstract STEM theory to the application of practical STEM knowledge.  

In addition to filming the student experiments, we interviewed the 100 teachers who led this inaugural season of the JUNEOS Challenge. There is much to learn from these amazing individuals about the power and potential of practical STEM learning. Therefore, in collaboration with The Writer’s Project of Ghana (WPG), WeGo Innovate brings you the GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher initiative, a series of 100 online teacher profiles that go to the heart of the matter. What motivates these teachers? How do they overcome severe resource constraints in their schools? How do they bring quality practical STEM learning to their students without access to 21st-century technology?    

In the coming days, we will be sharing the GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher interviews on our website. We hope you will take the time to read these compelling accounts about what it takes to bring practical STEM learning to all Ghanaian students — from classrooms in the cities to tiny schools in remote, rural areas.

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