Do you know that campus culture can affect your academics?

Culture Matters – Episode 1, Campus Culture

In this video, Dr Priscilla K. Mante talks about the significance of culture when selecting a university.

Do you know that campus culture can affect your academics? Find about the culture of your choice University before you go there. Visit the different choice Universities you like and have a feel of the culture before settling for one. Culture matters, Dr. Priscilla K. Mante advises.

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Bio of Dr. Priscilla K. Mante:

Dr. Priscilla K. Mante is a Lecturer at the Department of Pharmacology, KNUST, Kumasi. She is a Researcher with expertise in Neuropharmacology and has several publications to her credit. She holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and B. Pharm from KNUST, Kumasi. She is a recipient of various research grants including the University of Michigan STEM Seed Grant, DANIDA/BSU and IBRO Grants. She is also a fellow of the University of Michigan African Presidential Scholars Program. Dr. Mante is an experienced Pharmacist and a founding member of the Ghana Young Academy and the Ghana Neuroscience Society. She is an advocate for women in STEM and mental health, and her career goal is to find a cure for epilepsy.

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