Discover GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: Beatrice Anyia, (Navrongo- Upper East) #GH4STEM

Growing up in a village in rural Ghana, Beatrice Anyia looked up to the neighbourhood pharmacist for inspiration, and she wanted to be someone like that in the future. Naturally, this made her want to pursue a career in science. Financial constraints however limited the level to which she could go in becoming a scientist as she had intended. 

When Beatrice completed junior high school, she was admitted to Our Lady Senior High School, from where she continued to Gbewaa College of Education. She finally graduated from the college as a professional teacher. Two years later,  she enrolled for a distance course for a degree from the University of Education, Winneba, after which she was posted to St. John Bosco junior high school as a teacher.

Mrs Anyia has now been teaching for five years and she approached her work with care and dedication. She continues to put in a lot of effort to make her students receive the best education. Her hard work has been recognised and she has received an award as the best teacher in her district. Currently, her students number over a hundred and fifty. She loves her profession and sees herself continuing along the same lines, following her love for educating the younger generation.

Beatrice likes virtually everything about science. She had found that because she includes practical demonstrations and experiments in her teaching, her students are able to understand  complex scientific concepts. Being a STEM educator, Beatrice knows that she has to keep abreast of the times and new developments in the area, so she is pushed to read widely. This further enhances her knowledge and understanding of the environment and gives her a greater mastery of her subject.  

Beatrice intends to join GAST soon so that she can benefit from the association by learning from other colleague teachers and participating in their workshops. She is happy about her participation in the JUNEOS Challenge, which she says has influenced her teaching in a positive manner. She includes more practical explanations in her teaching, and tries to reduce the abstract descriptions so that the students can relate better to what she is teaching.

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Article by Kofi Dzogbewu.

Kofi Dzogbewu is a Ghanaian storyteller. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Language and Literature from the University of Ghana. He is an alumnus of the Mo Issa Writing Workshops. You can find more of his work on his blog and find him on all social media platforms with the name ‘Kofi Dzogbewu’ (@fdzogbewu).