Discover GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: EMMANUEL ADIGA, Navrongo #GH4STEM

Mr. Emmanuel Adiga has had the drive to impart skills and knowledge since he was a child. This drive has influenced his decision to take up teaching professionally. His primary school teacher – Sir Mark, whose teaching style Mr Adiga found particularly interesting, motivated and guided him to pursue this dream. He considers Sir Mark as his hero for this reason.  

Mr Adiga currently teaches at Presby JHS, and watches football in his spare time. He adores the works of Willie – a man of God – for his passion for teaching the Gospel of Christ; a passion he identifies with and lives by. 

At a point growing up, Mr Adiga had wanted to become a soldier. This is because of the love he has for his country. It was his wish to protect the country from all external forces that might want to harm the country in one way or another, but his grandmother talked him out of it. He therefore went back to his original dream of becoming a teacher. He had come to realise that he can help his country by teaching and developing her human resource base. As a result, he worked as a pupil teacher after he completed SHS. He continued to St. John Bosco’s Collage of Education, Navrongo, and then had his degree at the University of Cape Coast.

One of the things Mr Adiga likes about teaching STEM is its practicality. His inspiration is derived from seeing his students grow up to become responsible citizens and assets of the country. Mr Adiga’s motivation as a teacher is intrinsic. The ability to help students discover and come to the full knowledge of something keeps him motivated in the teaching profession. Mr Adiga believes that being a STEM educator exposes him to people with diverse ideas in the field of science and that makes him learn a lot.

Mr Adiga has been teaching since 2004 and he currently teaches about a hundred and sixty-six students. He is very passionate in his profession. Consequently, he has been awarded the best hard working teacher in his circuit and also, in 2012 he was awarded ‘Best Regional Teacher in Presby Schools’. He hopes to teach in an institution of higher learning in the future, where he believes he can make a greater impact on students through his teaching. 

Mr Adiga says the JUNEOS Challenge is an avenue that has exposed him and his students to more practical knowledge and experiences in STEM. He says the experience has challenged him to do further and deeper research to know more about whatever topic he teaches. He acknowledges that through the JUNEOS Challenge he has learnt to relate every practical lesson he teaches to real life applications.

Article by Kofi Dzogbewu.

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