Discover GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: EUGENIA OFFEI (Essipon – Western Region) #GH4STEM

Eugenia Offei’s father was a lawyer, so growing hope she dreamt that she too would become a lawyer. This was because she looked up to her father and considers him a role model. However, as fate would have it, she slipped into another role. She’s currently a teacher at Essipon MA JHS school, and her students number about sixty. She’s been teaching for the past twelve years.

While in school, her teachers, observing her natural aptitude for science, advised her to stay in that field, so at teacher training school that’s what she studied. She has never regretted that decision. She has taken her career in education seriously and currently holds a masters degree in science education.

As an educator Eugenia is inspired when she makes science lessons easy and interesting for her students. She acknowledges that the world has become technology-based and as someone who teaches STEM, she finds that her knowledge in STEM helps her appreciate her environment better.

Eugenia cares about her students, and is passionate about helping them improve in their studies. It is no surprise that in the first school she taught, she formed a science club to help students. This, amongst others, earned her an award from the headmaster.  

Eugenia has been a member of GAST and BSTEM, and she was introduced to the JUNEOS Challenge by the GAST president. Apart from being excited to be part of the competition, her students were also excited by the opportunity to appear on TV. Eugenia immediately acquired the requisite materials, which she sourced locally, in preparation for the experiment. Work with her students began in earnest.  What she found most impressive was that, everyone in the school, from headmaster to students, participated in ensuring that the presentation was a success. 

Eugenia feels that she has benefited significantly from the challenge. After the project, she and her students are focused on having regular practical demonstration sessions. So, she searches online for practical experiments that they can improvise and perform. She has also learnt to be ready every time to demonstrate her knowledge as a STEM educator whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

In the future, Eugenia hopes to satisfy her childhood dream by studying law. 

Article by Kofi Konadu Berko.

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