Discover GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: FREDERICK AGYIRI, Goaso #GH4STEM

Frederick Agyiri is a teacher at Ahafoman JHS in Goaso and has been teaching for the past 8 years. He teaches a student population of 200 students. Growing up, his dream was to work in the health sector. He studied science at the secondary school level but due to the lack of guidance he could not achieve the required results to help him pursue his dreams. His parents wanted him to study nursing but he held the view that nursing was a female-saturated field. He gained admission into Cape Coast University to study environmental Science.

Despite his love for a health sector job, Frederick’s interest in education and teaching was something that always lingered. He realized from an early stage that he found various concepts his teachers taught to be very difficult to understand. In retrospect, he blames the failure of the teaching approach and the language barrier. Thus when he decided to turn towards teaching he vowed to make learning easier for any student he would ever encounter. Frederick decided to be a Science teacher because he believes that this subject controls and influences the world immensely.

Mr. Agyiri knew he had to get his students involved in the JUNEOS challenge from the get-go. He recognized it as means of bringing practical STEM to his students. He knew that the practical STEM agenda of the competition meant that this was another opportunity for his students to gain more knowledge and understanding of science principles they learn about in their classrooms while learning from other participants all around Ghana. In his opinion, Frederick believes that the JUNEOS challenge has improved his way of teaching and allowed him to come to the realization that his teaching must be student-centered at all times. He knows he would want to be a part of the JUNEOS challenge again if he was granted the opportunity. He hopes the competition is here to stay.

Frederick’s stays motivated in the job because he knows that his profession is of great value; the fact that he is able to help younger generations attain greater heights alone is enough to keep him going. In the next 5-10 years he wants to remain in his chosen profession; that is his calling and that is his passion.

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