Discover GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: MARTIN ABAVERE, Navrongo #GH4STEM

When he was younger, Martin Abavere had a dream of becoming an agricultural engineer. In pursuance of this, he studied horticulture in senior high school. However, due to the lack of available jobs in the field at the time, he decided to put this dream on hold and ventured into the educational sector. As a result, after his SHS education Martin attended Tewa Training College at Bawku in the Upper East Region, and graduated as a professional teacher. He is now a teacher at Balobia junior high school and he has been teaching there since 2001. His class consists of twenty-one students. He teaches both science and social studies in his school. 

Martin Abavere grew up in a modest home. Things became tough at a time due to the unfortunate demise of his father. His mother had to work very hard to see him through school. He appreciates his mother for her courage and for all the sacrifices she has made on his behalf. 

Martin likes STEM a lot, mainly because it opens him up to a world of knowledge through his reading and research. He believes that  if conditions improve, he will stay in the teaching field in the future because he loves his profession. As far as he is concerned, the application of science is vital for our survival as human beings. This is what inspires him in the teaching of STEM: knowing that he is equipping his students with the tools needed for the survival of man. 

Martin Abavere acknowledges the success story that is the JUNEOS Challenge where his team is concerned. Things have changed for the better, and his students have been exposed to more knowledge in STEM and have learnt new ways of doing things. He himself has been impacted positively because his teaching has improved. He now pays much more attention to practical demonstrations which challenge the curiosity of the students. He is convinced that the JUNEOS Challenge encourages innovation and suggests that the JUNEOS team should be given all the needed support to make the challenge expand to other parts of the country.

Article by Kofi Dzogbewu.

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