Discover GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: SAMPSON YIREBAJIA CHAPORO, Navrongo #GH4STEM

When he was a child, Sampson Yirebajia Chaporo wanted to be like his uncle who worked on electronic gadgets anytime he visited the country. Sampson and his siblings used to watch their uncle work on the electronic gadgets. Their uncle always permitted them to come around him when he was working. As a result, Sampson developed an interest in engineering and he wanted to become an engineer when he grew up. Fate, however, has made him take a detour on his way to achieving this dream. 

After his secondary school education, Sampson gained admission into the Kumasi Technical University to read Electrical Engineering, but his brother told him that he was too young to tackle engineering, and advised him to divert into teaching and later switch to engineering.  Sampson took his brother’s advice and enrolled in the training college where he subsequently developed a passion for teaching. Having the ability to impact the younger generation is something Sampson finds very noble and inspiring. 

Sampson teaches in both the private and public sector. He has been teaching for ten years but has taught as a professional teacher for only three years. Currently, he has twenty-five private students and thirty-two students in the government school. His commitment to practical demonstrations has won him a certificate. This was for his efforts in training a student for a competition which the student won. 

Mr Chaporo enjoys engineering and technology and believes that the world has gotten to a stage where there is a need to apply scientific and technological concepts to everyday living. 

Since 2016, Sampson has been a member of Rural Technology, a STEM organization. He has also recently joined GAST. He joined these organizations in order to gain more practical knowledge in STEM and also receive updates on changes in the syllabus.  

Sampson says that the JUNEOS Challenge has shown him that education should be geared towards problem solving and should involve the student in the teaching and learning process. He adds that the JUNEOS challenge has enhanced his practical knowledge in STEM and hopes that the challenge will reach more schools in the country.

In his free time, Sampson enjoys watching science programs on television and listening to music, especially from his favorite musician, Stonebwoy.

Article by Kofi Dzogbewu.

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