Meet GH4STEM 100 ChangeMaker: COLLINS AFETI GADAWUSU, Global Shapers Community- Ho Hub #GH4STEM

The Global Shapers Community is a network of young people known as Shapers driving dialogue, action and change. With grassroots knowledge, a global perspective, and ambition to change the world, Shapers are confronting the most pressing issues of our time. The Global Shapers Community is made up of 428 local teams known as hubs. In Ghana there are six local hubs including the Ho Hub.

The Ho hub is made up of a diverse number of young people, including science enthusiasts, young entrepreneurs, health & media professionals, policy advocates, that work to execute innovative solutions in solving challenges to make a positive impact in their immediate community. These initiatives range from business competitions and financial literacy programs among market women, to water purification projects, digital literacy and mentorship programs in primary and secondary schools in Ho.

The Water Purification aimed at improving access to clean and safe water using locally-designed technology and civic education. The Ho community was educated on drinking water solutions, basic sanitation measures and provided a sustainable water source using a borehole.

Also, to bridge the digital divide, Ho Hub launched a virtual reality initiativeto enable students in rural communities to experience the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Using a virtual headset and a smart phone, 85 students explored the circulatory and skeletal systems of the human body.

One of their most recent projects was the “My School Tree Project” at the St.George’s Anglican School, Ho that aimed to ensure every primary child planted one tree. This was to deepen conversations and activities on environment sustainability and the fight against the negative effects of climate change which will ultimately trickle down to household levels across communities, placing them at the forefront of environmental education.

Interested in partnering with or joining the Global Shapers Community? Check out their website for more information about how to join and vital information on their activities across the country.

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