Meet GH4STEM 100 Changemaker: FRANCIS TORGBOR, African Maths Initiative (AMI) Ghana #GH4STEM

At African Maths Initiative Ghana (AMI) Ghana the goal is to demystify the idea that Mathematics is a difficult subject. Almost everything revolves around Mathematics. Any piece of technology you use today has been made possible through advances in mathematical knowledge. Projections for a country’s growth are based on mathematical models and research in any subject requires diverse math skills. Thus, it is important that young people develop a passion for mathematics as early as possible.

AMI Ghana promotes the study of Mathematics from the basic to the tertiary levels in a unique way by bringing Ghanaian students closer to the world of mathematics and advanced technology in a practical way. To achieve this goal, AMI Ghana in collaboration with volunteers from around the world set up frequent Math Camps to engage a number of students from around the country. The Maths Camp is a part of a bigger picture to see a transformation of the teaching and learning of Maths that goes beyond calculation. As a result, students’ problem solving, critical thinking and reasoning abilities are improved through proactive teaching, mathematical activities, games and puzzles.

Are you a JHS/ SHS student passionate about Mathematics or just want to improve your Math skills? We highly recommend you connect with AMI Ghana on social media and possibly apply join the next Math Camp session!

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