Meet GH4STEM 100 ChangeMaker: GAMELI ADZAHO, Global Lab Network #GH4STEM

Global Lab Network’s main purpose is to build an open science and innovation community made up of student, scientists, researchers, innovators, change makers and educators that combine their strengths to solve problems using science and technology.

Presently, at Global Lab Network two major projects are running concurrently.

Science Cafes are networking events to provide a platform for individuals to discuss topics of public interests or those that require scientific solutions. Usually leading research persons in the field are invited to facilitate these discussions. The aim is to ensure public understanding of Science. Some topics discussed at past Science Cafes include: “What has Diversity Got to do with I.T. Design?”,Enabling Research & Innovation for Sustainable Development“, “Science & Society: Understanding the Connections between Research, Policy & Practice“, “Opportunities & challenges in leveraging science for civic participation and social impact“, and “Co-Design in Sustainable WASH Innovations

The Global Lab Network team is ready to collaborate with any organizations or individuals that believe in pushing the science and technology agenda in Ghana and the rest of Africa. They are open to sharing their expertise in creativity, problem solving and innovation with interested partners, groups and communities. Follow Global Lab Network on social media or click here to visit the Global Lab website.

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