Meet GH4STEM 100 ChangeMaker: Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah, Divaloper #GH4STEM

Before Zulaiha and her team started DIVALOPER, she noticed that only a few girls seemed to attend or participate in entrepreneurship and tech-related events. For example, at a week-long hackathon, in Tamale, she realized that out of 50 participants, only 5 were females. For Zulaiha, this was a huge problem that she believed she could help solve. DIVALOPER was born out of this desire to see more girls from the North in the tech space and created through partnerships with other people that shared in this same cause.

DIVALOPER is a community that trains and equips girls/ladies in the Northern part of Ghana in programming , digital skills and Entrepreneurship. The aim is to create opportunities for girls but not alienating boys in technology, entrepreneurship and digital skills. The amazing team at DIVALOPER believe that there is a need to get as many girls as possible, in the Northern Region of Ghana, to take up STEM careers and own STEM firms. Thus, at Divaloper girls are taught how to code during their frequent, informative and educational training sessions.

So, do you want to be a lady in the tech space? Do you want to participate in a DIVALOPER training session? Send them an email at and make sure you don’t miss the next training!

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