Meet GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: EBENEZER ASSINOR, Berekuso #GH4STEM

Ebenezer Assinor is a Maths Teacher and an assistant headmaster in Berekuso DA JHS, where he teaches over ninety students.  He has been teaching for a little over 3 years. His father was his childhood hero. His dad would give little Ebenezer extra lessons that put him ahead of his colleagues in school. He always ensured his son would listen to the BBC news on radio and would translate this into the local dialect making it easier for Ebenerzer to pick up the English Language.

As a child, Ebenezer always aspired to become an engineer because he admired people who worked with machines thus after Junior High School he opted to attend a technical school to study Mechanical Engineering and Craft Practices. During his years in technical school, he realized that if he truly wanted to be an engineer he would have to climb higher on the education ladder but his father faced some financial difficulty. It was during this time in technical school that he found his passion for teaching. In the third year of senior high school, he applied and wrote the required examinations to get into teacher training college, where he read mathematics.

Ebenezer reveals that his love for STEM and his students keep him  motivated as an educator. Technology rules the world and he knows there is a bright future in the world of STEM; thus he is only helping to prepare his students for this future. Ebenezer admits that one benefit he has gained as a STEM educator is the fact that it makes him think critically about his surroundings and for his students he knows the practical nature of STEM broadens their horizon and facilitates understanding. 

Ebenezer heard about the JUNEOS challenge through his coordinator at the Exploratory Club, a prominent STEM organization in Ghana. He did not hesitate to join because he deemed it as a great opportunity for his students. He states the inspiration behind their chosen experiment as:  “most government schools do not have access to laboratories so we decided to educate teachers on how to improvise a thermometer to be used in the teaching of some practical lessons”. He also admits that because of the JUNEOS challenge more students have joined the school’s science club and a lot more of them are eager to take up STEM at higher levels of education.

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