Meet GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: EMMANUEL BOAMAH (Shama- Western Region) #GH4STEM

Emmanuel Boamah had his secondary school education at Edinaman SHS and continued to Komenda Training College, which he completed in 2016. From there, he chose to major in science education. Currently he has about one hundred and seventy students at the Supomu Dunkwa Methodist JHS.

As a child Emmanuel wanted to be a plumber when he grew up. However, many years later, when he gained admission to senior high school and was offered business, he changed his mind and decided that he would become a banker. But, regardless of the profession he ended up with, Emmanuel wanted to be a successful man in order to support his family. He was drawn into STEM when he studied elective mathematics at the Edinaman Senior High School. He then attended Training College where he did a major in Science Education. He taught Science at the first school he was posted to.

As a STEM educator, Emmanuel loves the fact that there are a lot of practical applications of science and he believes that science can be used to solve problems in society. He also believes that studying STEM turns students into critical thinkers and problem solvers. He and his students settled on an experiment to teach residents how to purify water from the polluted River Pra for domestic use. Watching the students display their knowledge while being video recorded by the JUNEOS team, he felt that these were the proudest moments of his teaching life. Emmanuel is confident that his students have a bright future. He coaches them with the hope that they will become great personalities.

Mr. Boamah is grateful to the JUNEOS Challenge for his participation in the program, and he wouldn’t hesitate to be part of it again. 

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Article by Kofi Konadu Berko.

Kofi Konadu Berko is passionate about education and youth development. He holds a B.A in Adult Education and Human Resource Studies from the University Of Ghana. His works have been  published in the historic Afroyoung Adult anthology titled Waterbirds On the Lakeshore, Adabraka: Stories From the Center Of the World, Tampered Press and the Kalahari Review. He blogs at