Ms Elizabeth Agbemafle, who currently teaches science at  Kpone Presby Basic A, has been teaching for about ten years. She currently has about one hundred and sixty students. 

Her childhood dream was to become a pharmacist, so she read science at the SHS level. After her senior high school, she continued to Peki College of Education in the year 2006. On concluding her course, she was posted to her first station in the Volta Region. Prof Ewurama Addy, then quiz mistress of the National Science and Maths Quiz, was one of the people who inspired Elizabeth during her childhood. Ms Agbemafle says Prof Addy’s passion for STEM has influenced her career choice greatly.

Ms Agbemafle has always loved the application of science, and this is what fuels her passion for teaching. She tries as much as possible to include more practical work in her lessons. She is convinced that this makes her students think creatively to come up with innovative ways of solving everyday problems.

Ms Agbemafle believes that as a STEM educator she has learned more about how to include practical lessons in her teaching, and this has equipped her to improvise in situations where some prescribed equipment are not available.

Though happy with being a science educator, Ms Agbemafle intends to divert from the teaching of science to Pharmacy, her original career choice. She is a member of GAST, which she joined in order to learn more about science and its practical applications. 

Ms Agbemafle says her most inspiring experience has been getting involved with the JUNEOS Challenge. It exposed her to so many experiments conducted by other schools and she’s learnt a lot from it. Her participation in the challenge has influenced her way of teaching. She believes the JUNEOS Challenge is a motivation to both teachers and students and hopes that the challenge has come to stay.

Article by kofi Dzogbewu.

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