Meet GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: PETER KUTUTERA, (Kajero – Upper East) #GH4STEM

Ever since he was a child, Peter Kututera wanted to become an educator.  This dream was fueled by one Mr Gabriba, Peter’s teacher in primary school. Peter admired Mr Gabriba because he was very hardworking and he cared a lot about his students. He was also highly respected in the community.          

At one point during his education, Peter also considered becoming an engineer, but soon realized that was not his calling. And so, after he completed senior high school, he enrolled in St. John’s Bosco Training College. Later, he continued to university where he read mathematics.  

Peter has been teaching for the past five years and he currently has thirty-five students.  He believes that the younger generation can be trained to solve social problems through the scientific approach. In teaching STEM, Peter likes to focus on practical explanations because it makes some of the abstract scientific concepts become concrete to the students. 

Peter is of the view that as a STEM educator, he gets to train his students to use the knowledge they have acquired in designing and executing projects. Peter believes that these projects should have a direct benefit to the society at large. This idea of nurturing his students to become great people in the future is his prime motivation as an educator. He makes sure that his lessons are very practical and easily understood by his students. Peter has found that anytime he includes practical demonstrations in his teaching, his students get to understand the scientific concepts and principles better. 

In the next five to ten years, Peter still sees himself teaching, because he finds this profession  to be in line with his aim of training the younger generation to become problem solvers in society. 

Peter’s passion for teaching and his commitment to his students has made him one of the students’ favorite teachers in his school. 

With regards to the JUNEOS Challenge, Peter is very happy with the project because it is  a means of training the younger generation to become problem solvers. The emphasis on experimentation and practical demonstration builds the confidence of the students. Already, Peter says he is seeing positive results because through the challenge, his students’ interest in STEM has increased.

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