Meet GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: Samuel Apila Azure (Bolgatanga- Upper East) #GH4STEM

Mr Samuel Apila Azure has been teaching professionally since 2013. He currently teaches at over a hundred students Grace Valley Academy. Since childhood Samuel had a passion to teach. He was influenced by one of his primary school teachers, Mr Azare. He admired the discipline with which Mr Azare taught his students and how he performed his duty to his students with so much grace and commitment. He sees Mr Azare as a hero for inspiring him to such a noble profession.

After junior secondary school, Samuel Azure gained admission into Zamse Senior High School. Things became really tough for his family and thus it became difficult to pay his school fees. Samuel sadly lost his father at a very young age. His mother, who was a petty trader, was left to care for Samuel. Samuel was sacked from school for non-payment of fees. This affected his grades and made him fail some of his courses, however, he later re-took his failed courses and passed them successfully. 

After senior high school, his choices were to either go to the nursing or the teacher training college. But Samuel had a dislike for blood and so the decision was easy to make. In any case, he also wanted to have the opportunity to teach the younger generation. He applied for and was admitted to St. John Bosco Training College where he read Maths and Tech. He graduated as a professional teacher and has been teaching since then.

Samuel thinks that teaching of STEM helps refresh the knowledge he has acquired, and he relishes the opportunity to explain these concepts and principles to his students. He especially wants to help remove any misconceptions they may have about science. He believes that  teaching STEM gives him the opportunity to learn from his students as well.

Samuel has no plans of leaving the educational sector. However, he wishes to obtain a second degree to give him a greater command of STEM. According to him, the JUNEOS Challenge has made him understand that every theoretical concept should have a practical demonstration in order to facilitate students’ understanding. This has influenced his teaching style as he now includes more practical lessons in his teaching.

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Article by Kofi Dzogbewu.

Kofi Dzogbewu is a Ghanaian storyteller. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Language and Literature from the University of Ghana. He is an alumnus of the Mo Issa Writing Workshops. You can find more of his work on his blog and find him on all social media platforms with the name ‘Kofi Dzogbewu’ (@fdzogbewu).