Meet GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: SYDNEY EKOW AMOAH, Cape Coast #GH4STEM

Sydney Ekow Amoah has been teaching Science for over three years. He currently teaches three hundred students at Efutu Municipal Assembly Basic School in the Central Region of Ghana. Growing up, Sydney dreamt of becoming a footballer as a child. The only thing that stopped him from pursuing this path was the fact that his family viewed football as a game and not as a professional career. Thus, in Junior High School he turned his sights towards a science career.

Like most teens, he went through a series of career options before he settled on a career in education. At one point, he wanted to be a Pilot and then doctor. However, due to financial constraints within his family he could not enrol into university and his Chemistry grade, which was a requirement, wasn’t so good. In that year, Sydney showed that he was determined to make it. He chose to apply to the Teacher training college and since then has never looked back. Today, he is more determined than ever to explore the field of STEM education even more . Currently, he is at the University of Cape Coast offering a sandwich course for secondary education.

Sydney and his students at the Efutu MA Basic School were happy to join the JUNEOS Challenge. They had learnt so many theories in class and the JUNEOS Challenge ensured that they researched and demonstrated the applications of these theories. Sydney, as a teacher, encouraged his students to be more research-conscious so they could excel in the challenge. He knows that there are many benefits of practical STEM and wants his students to gain as much as possible from a practical STEM education.

For Sydney, the best thing about STEM education is that ”it allows students to learn on their own through further research which builds their interest in finding and solving societal problems”.  Sydney’s motivation as a teacher comes from God, his family, his colleagues and his students in particular. His major aim is to help them be the best versions of themselves.

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