Presenting GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: ALIMI SULEMANA, Tamale #GH4STEM

Mr. Alimi Sulemana has been teaching for  the past eighteen years. He teaches about a hundred students. Mr. Alimi Sulemana grew up in Nigeria where he worked as a roadside mechanic while attending school. He moved to Ghana when he was in primary six. He had wanted to become an engineer so after Senior High School he continued to the Takoradi polytechnic to study Mechanical engineering. After that, he proceeded to the University of Education (Kumasi Campus) where he majored in Technical Education.

Mr. Alimi Sulemana continuously reads various books to enhance his STEM knowledge so that he can transfer the knowledge to his students.

Mr. Alimi Suleman likes to make his lessons practical and real for his students. This allows his students to ask more fundamental questions. It really makes him feel that he is making an impact when this happens. He says, “We [as educators] want students to be able to understand what we teach them…”’

Mr. Alimi Sulemana explains that his association with his students motivates him in his profession as a teacher. On the benefits of teaching STEM, he explains that being a STEM educator exposes him to many experiences in science and gives him the opportunity to show his skills.

His most positive experience is how competent he has become as a teacher due to his years of practice. Mr. Alimi Sulemana explains that in preparing for their experiment he and his students watched several videos and finally they decided to focus on a very unique one:  a local heater.

He is appreciative of all the efforts of the JUNEOS Team. He adds why he would be excited to participate in the challenge again: “I will gladly welcome it because it’s practical-oriented. We want students to be able to understand what we teach them and to be able to apply it in the world of work.” He hopes that the JUNEOS team will reach out to more deprived schools and assist them too. He adds, “We could have intelligent students who are in those remote areas but they don’t have the exposure [to Teaching and Learning Materials] that will help them to achieve their dreams”.

Mr. Alimi Sulemana has learnt a lot as a result of participating in the JUNEOS Challenge. One thing is that it has made his lessons for more on using practical examples in teaching. He has also come to realise that teachers need to adopt new techniques to make their teaching more practical.

Article by Kofi Konadu Berko.

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