Presenting GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: BENJAMIN ANTWI AGYEI, Kumasi #GH4STEM

As a way of challenging himself, Benjamin Antwi Agyei opted to study science in Senior High School. He followed this up with studying Electricals and Electronic Technology at the University of Education, after which he decided to become a STEM educator. Currently, he teaches forty-five students at the Pax Pahosant International School in Kumasi.

Benjamin has been teaching for almost seven years and he is glad he chose teaching despite once having dreams of becoming an engineer. His inspiration to become a STEM educator and to deliver his best came when he first started teaching and realized that many of the students did not find STEM interesting. He developed interesting ways that would change the perspective of the students and get them interested in STEM. As expected, he is motivated to do more when his students decide to pursue further studies in STEM. 

Benjamin was introduced to the JUNEOS Challenge by the proprietor of Pax Pahosant International School, who felt the initiative would benefit both him and his students. Together with his students, they embarked on a Traffic Light project that he believes will do very well. 

When he assesses the impact of the challenge, Benjamin acknowledges that the JUNEOS Challenge has increased his students’ interest in STEM and he has observed that his students are more active and attentive in class. The subject has been “brought to life”  for them, and they want to give off their best performance — this might also be because they want to be selected for any STEM-related activity that might come up.

As an educator, Benjamin feels that he has benefited from the JUNEOS Challenge in many ways but most importantly, his interest in practical demonstrations in teaching STEM has been enhanced. He is also taking steps to join a STEM organization where he can meet other STEM educators, network and learn new ways of teaching. 

Benjamin would love to be a part of any future initiatives under the JUNEOS Challenge. He hopes the project can be extended to any schools that might be interested so that more people could be reached for a greater impact.

Benjamin likes educative entertainment and that is why the YOLO Series is his favorite TV show. He is also an avid reader and has admired the Wright brothers since reading about them in Class 5.

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Article by Elizabeth Johnson.

Elizabeth Johnson works as a researcher and project manager with Dr Monk and volunteers the rest of her time with the Writers Project of Ghana where she takes up various roles such as radio show production, social media management and administrator for their annual literary festival. She is a published writer who writes both fiction and non fiction and has won awards for her work.