Presenting GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: GABRIEL TOBIGAH, Bolga #GH4STEM

Mr Gabriel Tobigah teaches at Bolga Preparatory Junior High School. He has been teaching since 2013 and currently has about two hundred students. He does not only teach in the school — he also teaches students at home to supplement what they are taught at school. 

During childhood, Gabriel aspired to be in the medical profession or become a pharmacist. As a result, he developed an interest in mathematics and science, which he studied in both senior high school and in the training college. In addition, he has a degree in mathematics from the University of Cape Coast. 

After he completed senior high school, Gabriel applied to both the nursing training college and Teachers’ Training College, but before the admissions list for the nursing training college came out, he had already been granted admission into the teachers’ training college. He battled with the choice of whether to leave the teachers’ training college and go to the nursing training college, but finally decided to continue with the teachers’ training. It was here that his love for teaching was developed and he hasn’t regretted his decision ever since. He believes he will still be in the teaching profession in the future, but will be in a higher institution of learning. 

Gabriel Tobigah likes the fact that there are a lot of practical demonstrations in STEM, which he uses to explain theoretical concepts better and which makes the subjects easy for the students to understand. Gabriel believes that STEM enables the use of simple every-day materials for teaching practical lessons. Gabriel feels motivated by the students he teaches. Whenever there is a smooth coordination and understanding in his class, he feels fulfilled; as he believes he has made an impact in the lives of his students. 

Gabriel says the JUNEOS Challenge has made him realize that the teaching of STEM should be student-focused, rather than just having a teacher standing in front of the class and delivering lessons. He believes the JUNEOS Challenge will go a long way in developing the creativity of students in STEM and hopes the challenge will be opened up to all schools in Ghana. 

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Article by Kofi Dzogbewu.

Kofi Dzogbewu is a Ghanaian storyteller. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Language and Literature from the University of Ghana. He is an alumnus of the Mo Issa Writing Workshops. You can find more of his work on his blog and find him on all social media platforms with the name ‘Kofi Dzogbewu’ (@fdzogbewu).