Presenting GH4STEM 100 Top Teacher: JOHN SARFO, Tema #GH4STEM

Mr John Sarfo is a teacher at the Archbishop Andoh RC Basic School. When he was a child, he admired the personality and the work of Prof. Frimpong Boateng. This led him to consider becoming a medical doctor and pursuing a career in medicine.  However, along the line, Mr Safo’s interests changed. This came about because Mr Sarfo often found himself teaching his classmates whenever they had discussions on their course work. Anytime he taught them he realized that they appreciated the way he helped them to understand the subject material. Therefore, he decided that being an educator instead of a doctor would be more suited to his talent. So, after Senior High School, he went to the University of Cape Coast to pursue Education. In addition to the degree in Education, he has also received a degree in procurement and supply chain management.

Mr Sarfo’s passion for STEM developed at an early age, and when they had to write an exam to select the best for science courses in SHS, he passed with good grades and was therefore selected. Mr Sarfo has been teaching for almost nineteen years. He currently teaches about one hundred and sixty students. He loves to teach science because he can use practical examples to explain concepts, which makes it easy for the students to understand. His passion for teaching and his hard work have won him awards, such as receiving an award as the first runner up for the best Maths and Science teacher.

In the near future, Mr Sarfo hopes to become a science resource person who will train more people to become science teachers. He believes that every science teacher ought to take it upon themselves to teach the practical aspect of every topic to facilitate understanding and clear any misconceptions on the part of students.

Mr Sarfo sees the JUNEOS challenge as an avenue to promote innovation and celebrate the works of students. He feels the challenge has influenced his way of teaching in the sense that with every topic he teaches, he has to back it up with the practical examples using locally made materials. 

Article by Kofi Dzogbewu.

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