Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see #GH4STEMChallenge experiments from a few of our celebrity friends! In these experiments, they all used some items and resources they could easily find at home or at work to explain basic scientific phenomena.

Naa Ashorkor, the Voice of GH4STEM carried out the soap and paper experiment to show the importance of washing our hands regularly with soap and water to remove any germs. Daniel Dadzie, radio personality, took it up a notch with the water bend experiment to show how refraction of light happens.

Next, came Kojo Yankson’s speedboat and Serwaa Amihere’s magic moment on how to pierce a balloon without bursting it. AJ Sarpong brought her A-game with a thoroughly colorful and fascinating experiment using milk, food colouring and some dish soap. Then, Regina Van-Helvert demonstrated how hot air rises (convection) and John Dumelo built his own makeshift submarine to show how they submerge in or rise to the surface of water. James Gardiner topped it all with an experiment on the space-filling property of water. A special thank you to Radio and Television Personality, Francis Abban, as well.

From the entire WeGo Innovate Team, we say a big thank you to our friends for jumping on to this challenge.

Watch experiments here: