Word Of The Week – Amorous

Hi guys, it’s me again. So there are two reasons why I came up with the word Amorous. (adj.) /ˈæm.ə.rəs/ for this week. First of all, you can find it on everyone’s top 10 Valentine vocabulary word list.  Secondly, I literally just had an awkward experience in connection with the word, so it was only right.

If you describe someone’s feelings or actions as ‘amorous’, it means the person’s feelings or actions involve a strong sexual desire. An example of the use of Amorous in a sentence includes: “Since you are married, you should not have amorous feelings for anyone but your wife or husband!” (Or, in my case: “Anita rejected my amorous advances towards her in my car this afternoon.”)

The word ‘Amorous’ is an Old French word derived from the Medieval Latin word Amorosus, which was derived from the Latin word Amor, meaning ‘love’.

Please share this and make suggestions of similarly FUN words you may come across this season. I’d love to hear from you.


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